Providing hope, healing, and a safe haven for those touched by cancer.

One Person’s View On Donating


“I have lost my sister-in-law at age 45 and both my parents to cancer. They were fortunate enough to live in the town of their treatment. And that was difficult enough. There was no commute to speak of, (while not feeling well at all), no searching for a place to stay and wondering how to pay for it, worrying about where and how to eat, no leaving the security of family and friends for four or five days a week for eight weeks. And knowing a hospital is nearby in case of an emergency. The list goes on. Put yourself or someone in your family in the situation these patients find themselves. The diagnosis of cancer is, by itself, traumatic and isolating. Many opt out of treatment, as the situation seems impossible and over-whelming when that treatment is far from home.”                                                                                                         

My heart aches for those in this situation. Spokane’s medical community draws from hundreds of miles outside Spokane and our community is far too large not to offer resources for those who come here for treatment. Children, thankfully, have the Ronald McDonald House; adults have hotels…or Because There Is Hope. Which would you chose?” – Anonymous –